dear diary

cat jump




Cut up with Stilletto, Anita, Jen, and Vannesa. Deferred taxes. Experimented with grocery delivery. Ate roast beef. Kicked Ms. Pants. Flirted up Woeful. Flattered TJ & Cat Guy. Stalked Valliant.




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  1. I was thinking grocery delivery after The Chase post and diet coke defense program. I hope it worked out.

  2. Grocery delivery. Looxury. I want that, but then I would cross the property boundary even less than I do now.

    That would not be good.

    I love that/those sculpture/s.

  3. Oh and you also won a major award at Anita’s blog

    You have to share it with Kitty and Stiletto and everyone on my links list- but come on the logo you get is neat.


  4. Ahahaahh, I just got a African bank fraud email from Maxwell Adama. Oh max, if you needed cash you only had to ask.

    maxwell adama
    show details Apr 3


  5. max

    Hey! That was not me. I was at the library. Reading to orphans. I did not do it.

    [Anita, thank you, smooch!]

  6. BTW Max, I’m not sure where you get the images for your blog from, but there all so consistent really adding to overall look and feel of Celluloid Blonde. Do you shoot a lot of the stuff yourself?

  7. max

    I have not had a working camera in an age. Mostly I pirate images I like and credit and link them to the artist when I can. I am having trouble finding the person who did the jumping cats so that one is not credited yet.

  8. Either way, you do a great job of picking images that are stylistically very similar.

  9. max

    Thank you Woeful. I am aesthetically fascist.

  10. LOL… It looks good on you.

  11. Jumping cats?
    I thought those were flying monkeys.

  12. max

    No way. No fezes.

  13. Hey max! Just wanted to pop by and say that I will now occasionally be blogging in English :-).. and that i added you to my blogroll, so expect some South African visits!

  14. max

    Wow. Bernanrd. You mean I can actually read your blog some now? I am agog.

  15. Read Max’s post. Commented.

  16. Is Bernard cat guy? Becasue I I need a clue to figure out who is cat guy.

  17. Tommy. Ha ha ha…. you are putting down what is in your head….. Oh man, for a minute my brain was a rubiks cube, nice.

  18. max

    EngTech is Cat Guy.

  19. I guess that’s Sir Eng Tech, Cat guy. And by the way, are you going to be able to get diet coke delivered? i am the worrying type.

  20. max

    If I am thoughtful and plan well, yes. Though I will still walk up to the store, maybe not quite as often as before. I cannot be afraid in this neighborhood though, that would mean not leaving the loft and if that were the case I could not live here.

  21. How I Navigate Through Life:

    First of all, the world would be a much happier place if there were flying monkeys…like the ones in the Wizard Of Oz- and I got to be in charge of them.

    I take the bus home from work because I won’t give up Jeep- I’m not driving it to work because it drinks so much gas I’m sure MY JEEP IS the reason why we will all be roller skating to work one day ANYWAY…I’ve gotten smart about sending groceries to myself via FEDEX.

    And that guy in Africa wants to give me money too- so I sent him some of those e-mails I got about expanding certain body parts.

    Maybe that will give him something else to play with besides MY EMAIL ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. In Florida we used a place called M. E. O. W. Movie entertainment on wheels. You could get a movie, a pizza and free popcorn. Then they would come back and get the movie. Certain delivery guys would even do a beer run for us… : ) I miss Meow night.

    Max, It’s true, it’s your hood and that’s got to be safe for a walk. Between the neighbors and the crazy buss people….. still they can be anywhere.

  23. A hunky bodygaurd would be cool.

  24. aj

    I believe you are missing an item on your dear diary list.

    Unless of course you are tempting the gods and letting this particular task run into May.

  25. You can never have enough flying monkeys. They make great pets… I think they might be a little unreliable as bodyguards though.

  26. max

    Um, oh yeah, perused toggles at local widgets and useful objects store….

    [damn, busted again]

  27. Cut up with Stilletto, Anita, Jen, and Vannesa.

    Yes, let’s be thankful there’s a WITH in that sentence.

    Max, why don’t you carry a gun? Not sure what sort of guns laws you have over in Cali but it sure beats never getting to use it because it’s laying on a dresser lol

    I like the pic, too. A little creepy but whatever.

  28. You know, I want to commend you for a productive day but it sounds like you were having too much fun! I mean – flirting, stalking, and experimentation? Hmm. Sounds just up my alley!

  29. I don’t know…… I think this toggle story is a cover.

  30. max

    Well carrying concealed without a permit is illegal Stilletto and we all know I would never do anything illegal.


    Technically, with guns? Even if you are in an isolated house you have to be pretty aware of which way it is safe to point and fire that gun, bullets travel you can hit your wall and that thing can go straight through your wall and a neighbor’s wall and beam some little kid. Which would really suck. So you can’t just be firing away, and while you cannot always pick the direction you are faced off in, it is good to e aware of these things at least in your home environment.

    Take that equation into a busy street, with cars, pedestrians, and buildings full of people on either side of you? Not a good place to be firing a gun, and you shouldn’t draw unless you are going to fire.

  31. You could carry a big ass sword.

    Seriously, who would screw with you then?

  32. max

    Um, the Hollywood cops? I am not sure they approve of pedestrians striding about with great big unsheathed swords.

    Say, if this arsenal gets bigger I am going to need a wheelbarrow just for a little jaunt to the store. That might make lugging groceries home simpler, it might also make it harder to run. Hmm.

  33. Ok, you’ve got a point. I suppose one better be real good at firing, too!

  34. Um, the Hollywood cops? I am not sure they approve of pedestrians striding about with great big unsheathed swords.

    Yeah, Tommy, that happens in the annual gay pride parade.

  35. Well, then, you’re left with only one option. You’re going to have to find some form of radioactive waste, get some exposure to it and develop super human powers.

    What are the other options?

  36. She’d better be losing the asbestos fibre sexy suit, then…

    I’m obsessed, I tell ya.

  37. She’d better be losing the asbestos fibre sexy suit, then…

    I’m obsessed with that suit, I tell ya.

  38. Carry some mentos with your diet coke and just aim for their eyes.

  39. max

    “Well, then, you’re left with only one option. You’re going to have to find some form of radioactive waste, get some exposure to it and develop super human powers.”

    Tommy. That is it! You are brilliant.

    Jennifer, that is funny. “Where is the Library? WHERE IS THE LIBRARY? Have some Mentos Creep Boy!” I am so cracking up.

    I will tell a story about some guy pacing me one time late at night in the Bay Area. Dumb guy. Yeah, I was some girl all alone at night on a deserted street and he came in like a monster in the dark, just this shadow I was watching in my peripheral vision, moving at me — right till I walked past a spot where no car was parked against the sidewalk and he spotted the two large dogs walking below car level and faded away as fast as his predatory shadow had appeared.

    I really miss the dogs. Even though I would not have been walking around at 3 am in the Bay Area on an abandoned street if I had not had two dogs that had to pee right now dammit and could not wait till we got through the city.

  40. Dogs are good especially around the one, who’s name we do not say. shhhhh….. and the mentos go in the diet coke….. ( google it if you have too )

  41. Max, I’m starting to worry about you…you seem to get stalked more than the average bear!

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