dear candy girl


candy_legs.pngYou are —

Candy Cigarettes.

You are a total badass.

But you don’t taste very good.

[Do so. Jeez. Dumb quiz.]

:::what kind of candy are you:::



where i nabbed this quiz :
i nabbed that at rain’s

15 Responses to dear candy girl

  1. I’m a….no kidding
    Gummy Bear.
    It was meant to be.

  2. max

    Oh. My. God.

    Why did I not see that coming Anita?

    Woe. Wow. That library time is really paying off.

    [If you say that candy is in your pants I am so calling the cops — just so you know.]

  3. Gummy bear – You may be smooshie and taste unnatural, but you’re so darn cute.
    Smooshie and taste unnatural? Not sure I like this quiz.

  4. Lucia

    My snack for today. 7 Cigarette candies and a toosie lolli pop.

  5. brut

    Quiz??? I’m still ogling dem gams. Whew

  6. “Butterfinger. They call you sticky fingers for a reason!”

    Must be the answer “slick” that I gave them.

  7. I’m Snickers – nutty and gooey, I always satisfy. Mmmmhmmm, so true!

  8. Hey, Max – you’ve been tagged at my place. It’s Kitty’s fault.

  9. ~m

    Strangers have the best candy, yes?

  10. Hmmm. I got candy cigarettes too.

  11. Damn you, Max! I saw the first question and had to fight the urge to raid the cupboard for that stash of choco chip cookies I forgot about…


  12. “[If you say that candy is in your pants I am so calling the cops — just so you know.]”

    LMAO – Say it ain’t so, Woe!

    It says I’m a friggin’ gummy bear but when I took this quiz over at Rain’s I’m pretty sure I was Snickers. Maybe I don’t satisfy anymore.

  13. max

    Oops. You have changed candies. I blame your recent brush with The Weasel.

  14. I’ve turned into a quivering mass of goo.

    Gummy is so easy to manipulate.

    Yep. The Weasel.

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