david tennant appreciation day


Anita Marie has been on a David Tennant rampage which is usually a good thing but tragically somehow ended up including in comments an homage to David Tennant in drag.

Dear Anita Marie. Ahem! That is not how sexy man appreciation is done.

[Well, unless he is Eddie Izzard but that is different.]

[For anyone out of the know David Tennant plays Dr. Who.]

Okay. Real David Tennant sexy man appreciation :




Okay, is everyone with the program now? [CoughcoughAnitaMarieCoughCough]


ps : you can vote david tennant the most attractive man of 2007 in the hello magazine poll anita has that linked up too woof!


11 Responses to david tennant appreciation day

  1. (Anita slaps her forhead)
    So it’s probably not a good thing I posted this too..
    YAY It’s David Tennant Appreciation Day!

  2. max

    That is hilarious.

  3. Hey, this Graham Norton guy is kinda cute too….

  4. In a weird sort of talk show way.

  5. If the Dr gets down here to Melbourne I promise to let him come in to my box. :-) That was hilarious Anita Marie. I think you might have just stolen Maxie’s thunder. It beats seeing him make love to other women LOL

  6. Chefleur

    I get the distinct feeling that Mr Norton doesn’t like playing with girls…
    By the way Max, big thumbs up on continuing the Adoration of David.

  7. Kym

    I’m not a Dr. Who fan (I’ve never seen it so maybe I would be) but Tennant is a fan of Firefly

    Thought you would enjoy.

  8. Well that explains how Tennant got his own day here at Max’s

  9. max

    Dr. Who is pretty cool, Kym, I think you would like it.

    I got into Dr. Who love because a friend of mine wanted Martha Jones to be a write in in the sexy girl docs quiz.

    Funny how things like that avalanche.

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