date day : part iii


The phone rang.

Then there was a message waiting.

Then it rang again.

Then there were two messages waiting.

Clearly it was going to keep ringing too.


Let’s tally this up. In my first real convo with the guy, he told me he can barely make rent, he lives somewhere with drive by shootings happening regularly, he hangs with people who won’t stop drinking and drugging long enough to prevent amputation, and while I give him points for not dropping the “my girlfriend was married” bomb [my friend mentioned that] he did bring up his VERY RECENT break up.


I called back. And did a bad thing. When voice mail picked up [no not more phone tag please no] I told his voice mail I did not want to go out with him. And hung up.


I have to kill a friend now.


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where the art work comes from :
that is from la warqueza

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  1. aj

    That is not a bad thing. That is praising technology.

  2. max

    I so needed the power of AJ while all that was going down. I told Stil about it and she was laughing too hard to be any help.

  3. ” Then there was a message waiting.

    Then it rang again.

    Then there were two messages waiting.

    Clearly it was going to keep ringing too”

    All that work getting your number…and no one would answer. Uh..I should warn you, there is a lot of rage and shame in the second message. You might want to skip it.

  4. max

    Oh you sweet talker.

  5. Can we least hear the messages?

  6. [Rethinking technique]

    Not even for peanut butter cups?

  7. max

    You know kids who try to bribe people with peanut butter cups get coal for Christmas right?

  8. brut

    So now can we get down to the interesting part of the story? Oops? You’re the one that taught me never to put “oops” into a story unless I intended to use it. So, lets hear about the Oops date… the “other” date.

  9. max

    I do not know what other date you speak of.

  10. brut

    On Sept 12, 2008 @ 11:38 am, Max said “Oops.” “This is not the date you are thinking about Kitty and Michele.”

    This sounds like a good one. Give me a couple of minutes to get a drink and some peanuts.

  11. This so ain’t right. There needs to be a part IV. This cannot end so sudden and abrupt.

    (A certain Stephen King movie is slowly coming to mind)

  12. max

    Oh that was my hot date with famed bottle cap collector Pinochio El Cuspidoro and he is famous and made me sign a disclaimer no date story for you Brut Boy.

    Stil I thought about a part four but I try not to post anything that could be used against me in a court of law.

  13. I will pry it out of you when I fly into LA next month.

  14. max

    No doubt. Hurry up and get out here.

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