date day : part ii


Date day came.

The phone rang.

He had just taken a friend to hospital who was about to lose a foot because the friend would not stop alcohol or drugs long enough for antibiotics to work. He lives somewhere where drive by shootings happen. A lot. He just spent his last cent on rent and bills was I sure I wanted to go out with a totally broke guy?

[Um, no, not really, this was not my idea. Also does this mean I am paying for the date?]

I said, Say, it sounds like you are having sort of a rough day maybe we should postpone.

He said yeah thanks you are sweet.

We postponed.


to be continued….


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where the art work comes from :
that is from la warqueza

0 Responses to date day : part ii

  1. Oh crap, i am confused.

  2. Dan

    Wait…I think I’ve seen this movie. Is this guy Matthew McConaughey?

  3. Kym

    Somehow I hear undertones of “he’s a loser” from you while I’m thinking “sensitive, sweetheart, a real good guy a bit down on his luck.”

    I think I’m going to need a prettied up ending, don’t shatter my illusions.

  4. This guy really doesn’t know who he’s dealing with, does he?

  5. aj

    When did coffee become so complicated.

  6. “…for small favors”

    i love the way you express yourself here.

  7. Loser with a capital L.

  8. BTW, his friend? Loser too.

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  10. You know I clicked on Part III thinking it was done, right?

  11. max

    Oops. It goes up tonight.

  12. I wonder if poor bastard knows the whole thing is being recorded for posterity. Shame, thy name is Internet.

  13. max

    Oh, sure, pity the guy. He would not be here if he had not bullied a phone call out of me.

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