dances with coyotes




I just really like that photo. That is from AJ.

Fortunately, AJ is a friend as well as a damn good photographer so even though I make off with her photos all the time she does not press any charges.

[I rule!]

Probably you should have a story to go with that photo too though so here is a story :


:::dances with coyotes:::



where the art work comes from :
that is from white eleven

where that story comes from :
that is from other thoughts on seemaxrun

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  1. The fact that the image is monochrome really appeals to me, as does the texture. Coolio!

  2. max

    AJ takes great photos.

  3. Marcus

    That’s an old trick coyotes and trained dogs play when they are with humans.

    Trained dog and coyote look like they’re chasing each other, but it’s really a game of — “Hey, trained dog, how much farther do you think that human girl of yours is going to give chase? It’s almost dawn, and I’m still due for supper.”


  4. That is a great picture.

  5. Kym

    The photo is excellent and the story made me remember your dogs and how special they were to you.

  6. max

    Yeah they were. I did not just lose them when they went. I lost a part of me with them. I still miss them.

  7. I like your story and AJ photo.

    Wondering if you have more from the Coyotes? (No search function on your blog) I’ve been trying to learn more Coyote lore ever since my encounters “”

    Noticed that you are a Hollywood writer, have a question if you don’t mind. Why is it that on many big expensive Hollywood movies, that the writing /story sucks. With all that money, obviously they can get a decent story. Have my own theories but would appreciate hearing from an insider.

  8. max

    There is a search page its link is in the menu bar.

    I cannot read your mind and know which movies you think “suck.” Asking a movie writer why movies suck though is kind of a hostile opener. You sure you want to go there under my nice coyote story and photo?

  9. No disrespect intended on the movie front.

  10. max

    I will probably recover.

  11. forkboy1965

    It is a smashing photo. And the story just makes it better.

  12. Kym

    Max, check out Bob’s (rvewong’s) photos of coyotes–you’ll forgive him for a lot.

    He captures both their gentle moments and savage nature.

  13. max

    I have been all stuck on the ponies I will have to check the coyotes too.

  14. aj

    You will be hearing from my lawyer.

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