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I finally —


Made it to dancer pose in yoga the other night. It is somewhat surprising I am even doing yoga post :::The Yoga Wars of 2002:::. I was anti yoga after that for a decade but a friend was going to yoga here and dragged me along and these are apparently a kinder gentler breed of yoga people and I like it, it makes me sweat, so I keep going.

Dancer pose and most poses that involve serious balance are hard for me right now. My ballet skating ankles are gone. But there I was in yoga and the dancer pose was not happening and I was thinking, Jesus Christ Max, in the ballet days you did this standing on the point of four God damn toes, surely you can do it on a flat! Fucking! Foot!

And I got mad.

I do not think the yoga people here are real big on anger. They are much more into the contemplative meditative side of yoga. But anger is good for something. Because that’s when I sucked it up and nailed dancer pose.


:::where the art work comes from:
that is from elenaray’s flickr page:::


4 Responses to dancer pose

  1. Max

    Aw, thanks. Smooch!

  2. I am so glad I did not know you had been anti-yoga.
    I still would have forced you to go, though.
    I find the balance poses are harder to do if I think about it too much.
    And any pose named after a bird is going to be hard or hurt. Damn birds.

  3. Max

    You do not remember the yoga wars I posted about on seemaxrun? They were epic.

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