damnable laundry


Hand washables are a bitch.

That is all I have to say tonight.

Oh, also, would someone call a priest? I think this sweater is possessed.

Okay. THAT is all I have to say tonight.



5 Responses to damnable laundry

  1. Sweaters are not possessed in my house. It’s male socks that are. They bloody walk around on their own, I swear.

  2. californiablogging

    I swore them off for lent years ago and never went back. Basically it’s deemed disposable. I need a makeover, nothing possessed though. I bet it looks hot on you or why, why why, would you go through this?

  3. max

    I love this sweater but I think it is trying to stage a re-enactment of Moses parting the Red Sea and apparently that means recreating the Red Sea by flooding the bathroom. Gah!

    Wow, Lucy, you make me glad all I have are girl socks around here.

  4. Hand washing sweaters is way too much grief. I always like the “lay flat to dry” instruction – like where?

    I have taken to dry cleaning sweaters – much less aggravation.

  5. max

    I am sure there is a secret to it I just have not figured it out.

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