Being itchy covered in red spots is not enhanced by stubble leg.

That is all.


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  1. Kym

    So, not better?

    Have you tried the doctor?

  2. max

    It has stopped spreading and is starting to ease up. Yay!

    [Um, knock wood.]

  3. Ouch.

    Is it getting any better?

  4. max

    [This means I am going to make the movie this weekend, yay!]

  5. I had something like that- well, a few times.
    You probably don’t want to hear this, but it was an allergic reaction…
    to spider bites.

  6. aj

    You’re still in your own.

  7. aj

    – in + on = You’re still ON your own.

  8. max

    AJ don’t be a hater.

    Anita, I really hate that but it would make sense. There have been an awful lot of spiders around lately. Freaking spiders.

  9. aj

    I am not a hater. I am merely expressing my germaphobic tendencies.

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