damn techonology


column by dozier bellTechnology is making me crazy today.

I tried to post earlier but the wordpress servers kept resetting each time I tried to save something. [Bastard!] My images would not load. Netflix has conveniently logged my returns late again meaning nothing is showing up today that should be. YouTube will not play it keeps starting and stopping — probably because my cable is screwing up again. Mail is being tiffy about sending. And the dumb people who manage the building have not gotten me my new laundry card so I am on the end of two weeks sans laundry card and wearing questionable attire.

It is one of those days.

Oh, also, one of my neighbors was staring at me from outside this morning when I was in bed using the laptop. This sort of creeps me out because I am pretty sure he is the registered sex offender who lives on the third floor that building management is pretending they do not know about and keeping under wraps. [Um, building management, that is illegal and also kind of dumb and also everyone knows about him anyway so who are you kidding?]

It is okay though. I believe I am outside his age range of preference.

See you on the flip.


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that is column by dozier bell

7 Responses to damn techonology

  1. *sacrifices a voodoo chicken*

  2. This calls for more then a chicken- trust me on this


  3. I too am having YouTube issues.

  4. max

    Thank you Eng. Smooch!

    Anita, what is your mean neighbor who dislikes cats doing this weekend?

  5. It seems that a few sites were down this morning for maintenance. WordPress, Technorati, etc… Right now, it looks as if balance has been restored to the Force.

  6. Note To Max
    I’m waaayyyyy ahead of you.

  7. max

    You are so smart.

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