cut cats and politics


twink cut macho catOkay here is the cut cat —

And I do mean cut. Look at that monster.

[That is Twink and that totally cracks me up.]

[Also Twink is not my cat which is for sure a good thing because “Twink” is about to kick someone’s ass and lucky for me it is not mine.]

And here is the politics. Which is not as cut or cute.

Move On has just emailed me the President has broken the law.

I guess he has overstepped the powers of the Patriot Act and is not just wire tapping “suspected terrorists,” he is now wire tapping anyone he damn well wants to. Your plumber. Your hairdresser. Your daughter. The, um, Democratic Party?

Move On went to a good deal of trouble to explain to me why tapping general citizenry is illegal and bad. And why I should write my Senator and explain to my Senator — who I guess is not up on law and government, just being a Senator and all — this is illegal and bad. Move On Org gave me addresses and everything to make it easier for me, a citizen, to explain the law to a Senator.

Here is the thing.

This “President” has fixed two elections, threatened to take over presidential headquarters by force during an election investigation, has forged security documents, has outed a secret service operative working in the line of duty, [that is treason, by the way], has lied to Congress, has lied to the Senate, has lied to the American people, has started a war with a foreign nation bent solely on the purpose of destablizing a sovereign economy and nation — based on forged information and documents created by his staff for the sole purpose of personal profit, has supported torture and chemical warfare and broken every agreement signed to by this country and others of the Geneva Convention, has attempted to place persons on his personal payroll on the Supreme Court, and when that did not work has pushed people through who might be on his payroll and damn sure are not popular choices with either political party, has paid alleged “news reporters” to proliferate positive propoganda about his agenda and smear opposition, has pushed through protocol that calls for mandatory drugging of school children, actually got into office in Texas by planting phony bugs in his office and claiming the opposition did it, eventually sending that opposition to jail to rot, ignored security breifings of a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, used that, the most sympathetic event in U.S. History, to alienate every other nation on the planet, alienated my country and separated it from the United Nations, and left citizens of New Orleans to die in a flood rather than pulling people out of there using the National Guard, instead orderring the National Guard and the military troops sent there to shoot anyone looking for food and just toss the bodies who would know different with so many dead bodies —


I am supposed to write my Senator because this “President” is listening in on private citizens’ sexy phone calls.

I can see why
Move On is working this angle. Spying on the Democratic Party is what got Nixon outed. But no one is brave enough to even name this as political spying. No one is even mentioning that. And, with the amazing numbers of clearly breaking the law items already on this “President’s” claim to fame?

I just think it is ridiculous I keep getting email that says, “Is the President breaking the law.”

Yes. The “President” has broken every law known to man, God, and dog.

Stop asking me. And stop telling me to beg Congress or the Senate to do something about it. Clearly, they will not, can not, or choose not. Or this guy who is the foremost criminal of the world at the moment would not be in office leading us all to Hell.


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  1. Preach it, Sistah!
    (Pooks directed me to your blog.)

  2. max

    That Pooks is such a mover and shaker.

    Say, Happy Birthday, Candace.

  3. You’re probably on the no-fly list now. Hope you’re not going on vacation in Haiwaii this year!

    Great blog, btw.

  4. max

    Thanks. I do not think I am famous enough to go after. They like picking on Dixie Chicks and Tim Robbins for real press.–>

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