cus o' meter : cuss level high


Around 22.9% of the pages —

On this website contain cussing.

That is 186% MORE than other websites tested.

:::take the cuss o meter quiz:::


ps : is it just me or does ” around 22.9%” seem like an odd number?

pps : you know rachael & stil are going to blow me out of the water right?


where i nabbed that cuss o’ meter :
i nabbed that at rain’s

[who i so beat rain only got 13 %]

0 Responses to cus o’ meter : cuss level high

  1. I’m really quite surprised. Goddammit!

  2. max

    I think the spider chick has upped your score.

  3. Well, fuck me. In the metaphorical sense, or course.

  4. Now I’ve dropped to 35 fucking goddamn percent. Shit.

  5. Wondering if the score includes comments…

  6. I tried to take the quiz but the fucking meter is broken…

  7. I got 26%. That seems shockingly low. Too bad you can’t attach one of these things to yourself in real life. I’m sure my number would be hovering somewhere around 40%. 50% if I could get rid of my $#@#$% kids.

  8. Heh, I looked at my whopping 29.5 percent and for some reason it made me, well, fucking sad.

    Me? swear? Never.

  9. max

    Jason, how can that be? You must teach your guests to curse more often they are not carrying their weight the slackers.

    Ginny, you beat me. Damn. It. I must curse more often.

    [Woe broke the curse meter, that cracks me up I think it makes him the winner.]

  10. I took the quiz again and it came up empty. Just like that evil Krispy Kreme donut I bought that had no creme filling.

    Evil, evil.

  11. max

    Oh. My. God. I have dropped a point.

    That is so [motherfucking] wrong.

  12. Whoa, 50.9%.

    I thought my blog was family friendly.

  13. max

    I would not have thought your blog was that high, where are all the secret cursings and swearings? Oh, wait, I bet it is “the list” post tipping you over the scales.


  14. californiablogging

    Who broke the frarggin meter? you damn bastages! maybe I can’t high score on tetris but I got this one, arseholes.

  15. max

    Snatch the tetriz from my paw, Grasshopper.

  16. I was surprised, especially since I’ve been trying to hold back on the cussing.

  17. sulya

    I am profoundly disappointed. I scored 9.9%. Seriously? I swore more than that walking down the stairs just now… Man…

  18. max

    Welcome to Cursing 101. For your first lesson, replace “man” with “fuck” in a sentence. For example:

    I swore more than that walking down the stairs just now… fuck.

  19. aj

    22.9% probably averages out to be all of my fucking comments on your sweet little blog.

  20. max

    Have you been charring that zen garden rake again?

  21. aj

    You have internet don’t you?

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