cultural wasteland


Since clearly some people around here have no pride in their cultural heritage and are not up on things Serenity and Firefly I hunted up some Serenity YouTube.

This is pretty representative of the show….




And this is why skinny little ballerina chicks are never the right girls to take on in a dark alley….




And hey there is even a birthday octopus in there for Rain.


15 Responses to cultural wasteland

  1. I am in love….. shero!

  2. Max, you favor my evil twin….. : )

  3. From The Heart Of The Cultural Wasteland:

    I liked the Octopus.

    He was cool.


  4. I like all things Joss Whedon!

  5. You know, I’m one of those folks who never had time to watch Firefly when it was on the air, then caught a SciFi Channel marathon a while back. Adam Baldwin is one of my fave character actors, and, well, the show’s ensemble worked really well together.

  6. max

    Anita Marie, you would so dig the guys with blue hands. They are totally evil and scary.

    Firefly is a phenomena. Fox tried to yank the plug an age ago and it will not die.

  7. Okay…guys with blue hands.
    I’m sold.

  8. I have never heard of this show. That second video contains some of the most poetic ass kicking…look at all those men she crumples with her hands and fist…hmm I do say there are a few out there who’d love to be one of her victims…

  9. PS What a beautiful girl!

  10. max

    Isn’t she? That is Summer Glau.

  11. Kym

    To heck with the beautiful girls, the show has some of the finest guys around. And Adam Baldwin? Mmmmmm.

  12. max

    Definitely the sexiest sci fi crew to ever grace the screen.

  13. See, if they’d told me there were tentacles in it I might have watched the thing.

  14. max

    You still can, I think scifi channel is rerunning it — where is Kym she would know. Does scifi channel run in Canada?

  15. Kym

    I know Serenity is on the Movie Network in Canada all July but I don’t know about the series, Firefly. Heck, you can buy it for less than $20 at Target here. There must be some large box store that has it there. And, owning the series allows you to listen to Joss Whedon’s comments and see the gag reel and… Ooo, I have a terrible case of fangirl!

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