culinary protest


crow_pianissimo.pngThis morning —

The big black bird stood on the neighboring roof and made cooing noises till I came to the window. Then when he knew I was watching he picked up little flakes of asphalt roofing and threw them about.

[The neighboring roof is in disrepair so there are lots of loose pieces of asphalt shingle for a big black bird to throw about over there.]

The neighboring roof is where I throw things for the big black bird to eat. Things like pizza crust.

I am pretty sure this picking up pieces of asphalt shingle and throwing them about is culinary protest. This morning I did not throw pizza crust. I threw pita bread.


where the art work comes from :
that is piannisimo from mdumlao98’s flickr page

0 Responses to culinary protest

  1. aj

    Big diet change. The bird is probably walking around with a weight complex now.

  2. max

    It is funny as hell to me. First he flirts outrageously to get me to the window. Then, Hello? Hello? Where is the food? I cannot tell the difference between pita bread and asphalt roof tile. Hello? [Who says birds do not totally get abstract comparison and reasoning?]

  3. forkboy1965

    That’s one clever bird. He/she deserves pizza.

  4. Kym

    Now you must sacrifice yourself and put away the healthful pita and vegi sandwiches and go out for a large combo pizza–heavy on the cheese and with extra salami. A real bird lover would make the sacrifice of feeling bloated (and satisfied) for that poor starving bird.

  5. max

    Well he is a very smart bird. And probably real happy today he got left over French fries. [Big black birds totally approve of left over French fries.]

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