cujo stalls out


I do not know why —

People are carrying on about dumb things like Obama and Hillary when clearly there are more important things to be concerned about.

Things like —


The Tetriz page has been out of whack for weeks.

All. The. Scores. Are. Wrong.

And no new high scores post.

I am never going to beat that sawdust willy guy this way.


*it really sucks the joy out of tetrizz when you cannot quash and publicly humiliate opponents

*it really sucks the joy out of breaks when there is no functional tetrizz scoring too


where the art work comes from :
that is from stelzer

0 Responses to cujo stalls out

  1. The news is rigged. No Tetriz reporting? Now I know for sure.

  2. max

    No kidding. I am totally eschewing news till they do news right and news right just spells tetrizz.

  3. It’s amazing the games we can get ourselves addicted too :-)

    What’s even more ironic is if you tried to sell the idea behind the game today would you have any success?

  4. I want to see more stories about these towns that have cool road side stops like the world’s biggest ball of string and stories about greasy spoon diners that post signs that say. ” Tacos as Big as your head here…”

    Darn News people.

    Their problem is there are no writers to tell stories on staff .

    That’s it.

  5. max

    Thanks Woe. It is not the same though. It is not the Izzard Tetrizz.

    Anita you need to spend more time on Highway 10.

  6. God forbid you say that in Washington. The only games they’re interested in playing is with people’s lives!

  7. max

    Would you move out of there so someone can nuke the place without serious loss already?

  8. aj

    Saw dust willy was a cheat. Aint no way some redneck just flew into that game and hit the top score. Aint no way.

  9. max

    Yeah, Gar and Sawdust Willy have always been suspicious.

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