crush factor


umbrella_loveI was at this party —

Talking about guys [I know that comes as a shock] when someone said, What is a crush?

This was a funny question to me my whole life people have been talking about crushes but maybe that is a U.S. thing so I came up with a definition and someone else came up with a definition and pretty soon there were a whole bunch of different definitions for “crush” and very few of them were the same. Some sounded like love, some sounded like passing infatuation, some were long term, some were short, some were unreciprocated, some love affairs that could not be consummated —

Then I threw straight girl crush and straight guy crush into the ring and half the people had never heard of that [they are running in the wrong circles, or I am, jury is out] and —

It is real clear “crush” is a common term used by a whole hell of a lot of people, but also that it means a whole hell of a lot of different things to a whole hell of a lot of different people. How confusing is that?


crush : noun : an intense but usually short lived infatuation….


where the art work comes from :
that is from lorrainemd

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  1. “I’m infatuated with being infatuated!”

    (Works better than “I’m crushing on crushing.” Or “I’m crushing on being crushed”, for that matter.)

  2. forkboy1965

    What do you mean by “people”? How would you define “people”?


  3. My definition: a constriction of the heart brought on by sudden eccentric regard.

  4. Or for that matter, how is “dating” defined these days? I had a conversation with my best friend about this and we were both stymied. “Going out,” “dating,” “Seeing each other…” On and on etc… CONFUSING!

  5. max

    “a constriction of the heart brought on by sudden eccentric regard”

    I like that one.

  6. Jordan

    A fascination with another individual that elicits a chemical response in one’s self.

  7. max

    Just what sort of chemical “reaction” are we talking about there fresh stuff?

  8. max

    Lucky in love Jordan?

  9. Jordan

    Me and my laptop have been together for 7 years.

  10. Jordan

    I just realized that every cell in my body has regenerated in the time since I bought this laptop. I’m a completely different person now.

  11. max

    That is okay your computer loves you still.

  12. Stiletto

    I stalk my crushes until they run out of steam.

    (The crushes, not the guys).

  13. max

    Like you have ever had to stalk anybody. You crack me up.

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