demon darkoThere is a girl crying in the hall.

Someone has broken up with her. A man is talking to her. “You know he doesn’t want you. You should not be here.”

A woman is shouting and crying in the street. After a while a man starts shouting. She keeps yelling “You are not listening to me.” He is shouting “You are a fucking bitch!”

In my entire life no man I am with has ever said something like that to me.

Here I hear this every day. Desperate awful dying relationships in the hall in the apartment next door in the street.

They press in on me.

Despair and anger swarm this city.


where the art work comes from :
that is a shot by theresa manzanares

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  1. welcome to the trailer park

  2. “In my entire life no man I am with has ever said something like that to me.”

    You have obviously never been divorced…

  3. You certainly have a colorful bunch of neighbors…

  4. Once I got a call from a girl my son was dating about something he called her.


    It’s never happened again

    ‘Star Of
    Wrath of Mom’

  5. petecrow

    Hollywood is a Rorschach where those called gather around a yawning maw seeing whatever it is they see with the arrogance of certitude — only to be consumed or to flee.

  6. “Hollywood is a Rorschach”

    Rorschach is a person. Hollywood would have to be a rorschach drawing/ink blot for that metaphor to work. Though it would still be a tad busy and overstated.

  7. max

    Oh wow. Testosterone.

    I live in the center of an area full of clubs. People leaving those clubs are often not getting along real well. Especially the sports club. I am beginning to think that sports club is the birth place of 50% of the break ups in this city. It sure sounds that way sometimes.

  8. oh god. my last husband (he wouldn’t eat the poison mushrooms) once called me a ‘stupid fucking cunt’.
    In front of his entire crew. He was a contractor.
    Say, isn’t Osama a contractor?

    This happened when he was stone cold sober. I met him at an AA meeting. Which doesn’t say a hell of a lot about AA -sigh-.

  9. max

    God, Rachael. I am so sorry. That is abominable and inexcusable behavior. You do not say that to a partner. Not in public. Not in private. Not ever.

  10. “at least I didn’t get drunk ” AA is just an another excuse for some of those bastards! And I include women in there too… I had a sober roomate and I would have done anything to get her to drink….. she treated sobriety like a get out of jail free card.

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  12. aj

    At least you have the right perspective. If a girl was crying in my hall in the middle of the night, my regard would not be for her, but my sleep.

  13. max

    A buddy of mine put it all in perspective one time when he said, Hey, last year your neighbor/landlord was breaking into your bedroom at 7am waving a gun.

  14. Children are the worst.

    Once I saw the next door neighbor walking his grandson to school and his grandson was sobbing — loudly sobbing — not in an “if I do this loudly enough I won’t have to go to school” way, but in a “my heart has broken into pieces and every step I take, I leave a piece behind” kind of way.

    From all appearances, the grandfather was a kindly man and the next door neighbors took good care of their children so I had to believe everything was okay, but those sobs haunted me, and actually, still do.

  15. Max has some sort of weird karma with guns.

    So – it’s not normal to call your girlfriend names?

    I wish I would have known that some years ago lol

  16. max

    “So – it’s not normal to call your girlfriend names?”

    I hope not.

  17. At least not outside of the sack.

  18. max

    Talk dirty to me, Baby.

    Oh, wait, wrong topic….

  19. Great pic by the way. That lady is in my neck of the woods.

  20. hey, did someone call me a lady? cool.

    when I was a kid, my dad often treated us more like recruits than little girls. he called us some things that would make you wince. I remember when I went off to grad school for a year, then went home for a visit and he called me one of those endearing things. I don’t know where it came from, but I told him that if he ever said that again, it would be the last thing he said to me. and he never did. and later, my younger sisters told me he stopped saying those things to them, also. he and I have quite a good relationship now.

  21. max

    Reading that I keep flashing to The Great Santini.

  22. Well, I can’t imagine saying, “That tramp is in my neck of the woods” unless I personally knew you. Or something like that.

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