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I really hate people who try to correct my pronunciation.

People try to correct my pronunciations pretty often too.

This is an unfortunate side effect of being surrounded by people who consider themselves educated and think “educated” trumps manners. [The way I was raised, you out loud correct a grown person’s pronunciation? You get smacked.] And also of being surrounded by people who have taken years of elocution lessons trying to learn how to speak like a native Californian.

[Um, I am a native Californian.]


My general response to people attempting to correct me is, Yes in France it is pronounced exactly like that.


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  1. That’s just uncalled for. I have a lot of highly educated friends, doctors, lawyers, editors, academics. Some of these people are products of Ivy educations (not that this is always an indicator of intelligence or social graces, look at Bush), but I don’t know anyone who would correct somebody like that in public. Once I dined with a Nobel Prize winner and didn’t even know who the guy was until hours later (he was a friend’s date). He was relaxed and real, humble. He didn’t need prove anything to anyone because he was comfortable with himself.

    The same can be said for name dropping. If somebody really is somebody they don’t (and wouldn’t) need to name drop. It’s always the insecure people who resort to that kind of thing. Back when I was a photojournalist I met a lot of celebrities and politicians but I almost never talk about them because there really isn’t any reason to unless the subject comes up directly. In which case I usually just say something like, “Bill Murray is funny as hell, and really is a great guy” and leave it at that. People who go on and on about this crap are just douchebags, as are the people who publicly correct others.

  2. max

    You were raised right, Woe. [smile]

  3. i can’t remember hearing you mispronounce anything, max. (then again, i wouldn’t correct you if i had)

  4. max

    Well in general I do not and often when someone attempts to correct me that person is wrong. But either way I find it incredibly annoying. I am not three.

  5. “Yes in France it is pronounced exactly like that” – I love that. I may try it the next time my husband does this to me, instead of just cursing at him.

  6. Sarah

    Just a side note: elocution is one of my favourite words.

  7. max

    When I lived in Louisiana things did get kind of funny. I was trying to find a place and the directons were to take Ae-Bear. So I was driving and driving and could not find any damn Ae-Bear and had to keep calling and finally exploded at the person giving directions, I have been up and down twenty times and all that is there is some damn Hebert Street!

    [I got a real fast education in French spelling in Lousiana.]

  8. Oh no. Did I earn a bad manner point for correcting you on “Palin?”

    What’s funny is, my boyfriend corrected me on it, too. I had to pass on the smack. xo

  9. I have never thought about this. It doesn’t bother me if people correct me if I mispronounce something because I would rather know than not. To me it’s like having a boogie hanging out your nose, I would rather be alerted to it right away than to go around letting other people see it.

  10. max

    Oh people’s names are different. That is not language that is the oddity of how people pronounce names.

  11. What is a native Californian supposed to sound like anyway?

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