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big black bootsLast night —

I went to a screening of Ten Inch Hero. It was very fun and the first time I got to see it on the big screen and it has Jensen Ackles in it who is cute as hell which is reason enough to go see it but also [and this is the really cool part for me] it is Betsy Morris’s movie and she was working on it in one of my workshops so I got to see the original script taking shape and now get to see it on the big screen yay!

Also I do not know if I mentioned this in addition to Chris’s first table read this month Lee from the 5150 workshop won a Nicholl Fellowship this year which is also terribly cool and I went to the awards ceremony and got to watch him accept his award. Lee lives in England so this was the first time I got to meet him in person instead of just typing at him on a computer too which is also very cool.

[The majority of my workshops are online so there are people I work with and never actually meet though I try to meet up when I can — England was just too far though oops.]

Lee is not my first Nicholl winner Colleen won in 2005. And Patricia who I have been in workshops with for years won in 2001. And I got to watch those scripts take form too. Then there is Toni, author of the Bobbie Faye books, who originally worked on the Bobbie Faye stories as a script in a workshop of mine. There is George, my Seattle student who wrote 50 First Dates. And Mary, another former workshopper of mine who won the Warner Bros. competition and has written several Stargate Atlantis episodes. Lacy who has sold treatments and is doing work for hire and one of these days is definitely going to be produced. And and and —

I know there are people I am leaving out but I am writing this on the fly and late so do not get your feelings hurt if I left your name off the list just know —

It is very very cool seeing all these people I have worked with hitting these milestones and seeing them accept the awards and watching their movies and TV episodes on the screen.

[happy sigh]

You guys rock.


*also a friend is punching me in the arm to make me type this so yes i do consults info about those is :::here::: and am teaching two winter classes through gotham in january and also run 5150 which has very limited seating space so is pretty hard to get into but you can always ask if you knock my socks off i might have to say yes


where the art work comes from :
that is hotel paradiso 2 by britcat100

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  1. You are gifted at attracting, locating, and nurturing talent.
    You’d make a great agent, too.

    I’m looking forward to seeing TEN INCH HERO, have been wanting to see it since you and Pooks had the trailers on your blogs.

  2. It’s a very rewarding feeling isn’t it to know you had hand in shaping all that. You must be a very good teacher (as well as a writer).

  3. And witty. Mr Keating gone cool.

  4. Jason

    That rocks. Ego boost – You have been a true inspiration. While I muddle through the 9 to 5 (or is it 8 to 8) workday, I aspire to one day be in your world. You are an incredibly gifted writer and extremely effective as a teacher. Kudos on realizing your dreams in this world. Not many can say that.

  5. Max is the best.

    Wow, that is a great pic of Lee.

  6. max

    Thanks you guys. Smooch!

    Isn’t that a great photo of Lee?

    The Ten Inch Hero dvd comes out in February and then everyone can see it. Yay!

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