cookies vs. jayne cobb


jayne_collage_iiiSo I have been —

Stressed. And Kym wrote me and natch I told her right off send Jayne Cobb that would fix everything but she is strict in her love o’ Jayne and said no [stingy!] and then today I opened the mail and there were —

Cookies! Yay!

They are delish and wonderful and homemade by Kym and almost as good as Jayne Cobb. Almost. Maybe if I put little hats on them….


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  1. Dan

    I don’t know…cookies are good, but can they hold you in their strong, manly, Vera-toting arms?

  2. max

    Definitely not. But they are really cute in these little hats.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaack, guilty–I’m the one who’s knitted dozens of those little hats (for pay) so be afraid, I could hook you up. People got me to knit them for every conceivable item. Once I had to design one to fit a My Little Pony, complete with holes for the ears. Someone ordered six human sized ones this week. It will never, ever end. NEVER.

    Cookies and Jayne, yay. Tiny hats, ack.

  4. I’m sure that tonight’s episode of BSG will really lessen your stress level…

  5. Kym

    Yay, you got them. Eat them every one right now! Okay, maybe some today, some tomorrow. Love you.

  6. Kym

    But I’m still not sharing Jayne.

  7. max

    These cookies are pretty delish. I do not think any will survive until tomorrow.

    [I am still stealing Jayne.]

  8. max

    [Okay, now my life is not complete without a My Little Pony in a Jayne Cobb hat. That is just too good.]

  9. Kym

    I’m with you about the My Little Pony–Though I’m worried about the clash of colors as the ponies tend to be pinks and lavenders.

    I can’t believe you, the lady who lets a Reeses sit in her freezer for weeks (I declare a national holiday if one makes it overnight) would eat them all tonight. I should have sent more.

  10. max

    Reeses only sit in the freezer for weeks when I bought three and forgot one was still in the freezer.

    Say, feel the ground shaking? That is the wrath o’ Max over you not giving up Jayne. [wink]

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