convos between me and aj

aj: my leg is throbbing
me: will you feel better if i tell you my shoulder is red and swollen and hurts like hell?
aj: yes
me: my shoulder is red and swollen and hurts like hell
aj: thanks thumb rot girl
me: you are welcome stump girl


25 Responses to convos between me and aj

  1. I think you two need to split a painkiller!

  2. Is this a Susan thing? What is happening to you two?

  3. max

    Well AJ was run down by a book cart. Me, I just think my injuries are inexplicable.

  4. aj

    It does not throb any more, now it “just is”.

    Unless of course I stand up, then it throbs with my pulse which at least is an indicator I am still alive.

  5. max

    I am sorry Sophia some things you just do not say in a sparkley zone like Celluloid Blonde.

  6. aj

    LOL — poor Sophia.

  7. max

    Think she will email about that?

    [I crack me up.]

  8. Sophia

    So funny. Now, put my comment back up. It was supposed to be there. Or I’ll keep posting it till you drop dead and you lose your other thumb too. Your choice.

  9. max

    I deleted it. No unsavory descriptives of illness and infirmity and that is final.

  10. max

    Hey AJ, what ever happened to those plans we had to make a blog for Sophia?

  11. Sophia

    Hey, I’m not blind, I saw that!

  12. Sophia

    LOL – even though you butchered my post and refuse to put it back up, I still love you.

  13. aj

    Do you still love me? Of course you do, I’ve done nothing wrong and well, how could you not.

  14. max

    Oh sure, horn in on the Max love.

  15. I know a good lawyer, Sophia…he’s old and Italian and, well, never mind. I don’t want Max to censor me, too!

  16. Sophia

    Nah, she won’t mess with an Italian lawyer [shhh, she’s not supposed to hear that, but Mirco is Italian. She needs all the Italians on her side as she can get]. So, he does cash or credit cards?

  17. What did Sophia post I want to know.

    Did it have anything to do with flour?

  18. max

    I would tell you but then I would have to censor my own post and how embarassing would that be?

  19. Storm the castle and kidnap Max’s brain! We want to know!

    Sophia, I have no idea. However, I would never hire a lawyer that took as much time off as he does to play golf and tennis.

  20. Sophia

    Oh, no, definitely not. Golf and tennis are not the sports. Whatever happened to football and wrestling?

  21. max

    Golf is a device of the devil.

  22. Sophia

    You should never do golf. It requires both thumbs. And both legs (in case Aj gets an idea).

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