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@mgmyself: cigarette ash and mouse pad: bad bad bad combination.

@CelluloidBlonde: Silly MG that is why you want a laser mouse not a trackball mouse

@mgmyself: mine is not a trackball one. But I have a glass desk and it doesn’t work so I need the mouse pad :(

@CelluloidBlonde: Just pretend the mouse is Godzilla and the mousepad is Tokyo. Who says cig/mousepad collision cannot be fun?

@mgmyself: Hahahhahha! Love that!


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  1. Godzilla!
    Hell yeah.

  2. eHarmony ought to clue in to this Godzilla/romance angle.

  3. max

    eHarmony will always be the land of small men who rely on cell phones too much to me.

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