continental desk drift


desk_viewSo my desk keeps moving.

By itself.

This is really annoying. I am very big on the placement of objects and my desk is perfectly square to the wall beside it and the glass doors behind it and it keeps going kitty cornered. Not huge moves. But a couple inches. And I keep putting it back. And it keeps moving again when I am not watching.

The first couple times it did it I thought, Hey, why is the desk off? Oh well maybe I just did not square off the desk the way I thought I did?

You think dumb stuff like that when there is no explicable reason for something being off. But that is not it. The desk is on carpet and when it gets moved, the old spots where its feet rested are depressions in the carpet right there showing where the desk was standing before it got moved.

This desk is heavy. It is real work for me to move it back. It is not like this could just be simple continental drift of a desk. Something has to be moving this desk.


where the art work comes from :
that is from crazy beautiful 22

18 Responses to continental desk drift

  1. My futon, on the floor, is on a carpet. The bed kept crawling away from the wall. I took up the carpet and flipped it. Now the futon pushes itself against the wall. The only thing I can figure out was micro movements caused by the direction of the nap – the carpet nap – not in which direction I was napping.

  2. The logical thing to do would be to call an Exorcist
    The fun thing to do would be to NOT call an Exorcist and wait for the doors and windows to start opening slamming shut all by themselves.
    But that’s me.

  3. max

    Oh it would be silly to call anyone it is just a desk tap dancing a little bit. Thinking back there are other things mildly odd that have beengoing on around here taken alone I just did not pay attention till the desk started getting frisky now taken all together a little odd.

  4. Kym

    I like the ghostly theory but the practical me is wondering about the earthquakes. Could they have started the desk tapdancing?

  5. A frisky desk is cute.
    Mildly odd is sweet.
    Wait for strange, that kind of stuff is like finding money on the sidewalk.

  6. max

    Naw. The desk moved itself several inches, nothing on top of the desk moved at all — and the stuff on top is all way lighter and easier to move than the desk itself which is settled in carpet and heavy for me to lift back. That is not earthquake action. And the desk has been moving itself for a couple weeks now, it is just today it decided to do it a couple times back to back.

    Go to desk. Put desk back where it belongs. Work. Use bathroom. Come back. Put desk back where it belongs. Work…. Sehr annoying.

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  8. max

    [I would leave my desk to you in my will Anita but that might be way too much temptation.]

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  10. forkboy1965

    Very strange. Indeed.

  11. Lori

    Neat. A haunted desk. How about a web cam aimed at it? Yeah, put in a web cam so we can watch out for whatever entity is screwing with your furniture.

  12. max

    Oh no, I could never webcam the desk. I sit at the desk and the way I look sometimes at this desk is way more… interesting than a moving desk.

  13. Lori

    Even better!

  14. max

    Oh you whacky optimist. You have not seen what my hair does in the morning.

  15. I second the webcam idea

  16. max

    Well sure Myra you might survive the shock you have medical training. But I do want to some day date again and lesser beings than yourself might not recover.



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