A friend told me —

Money does not have germs.

All my life I have been told money is filthy it goes through so many hands it has germs all over it. But she said no, that is a myth. Money is an inanimate object and germs need something alive to be on so money does not have germs germs on money die.

Then she told me she was worried about her mother’s dishwashing, that her mother did not use enough soap and the water was not hot enough so she was afraid her mother’s silverware would make her sick.

Isn’t silverware an inanimate object?


where the art work comes from :
that is from mcmone

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  1. Maybe she means that the lack of soap / heat results in food particles remaining on the silverware. ??

    I am with you on your point, though, because if she’s correct, there goes the entire clorox / cleaner industry which advertises that it can clean up germs on countertops, door knobs, etc. And people sneeze on money–there are human cells we slough off every day…

  2. max

    Naw her mom hated water spots and hand polished silverware to make sure there were no water spots, food particles would never have survived her scrutiny.

    It was one of those weird situations where someone thought and said completely contradictory things and never noticed the contradiction.

  3. Money is a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty stuff. This is primarily due to its being passed from disgusting person to disgusting person. People who go the the bathroom and do not wash, people who “adjust” themselves, people who are ill, etc. If the money were to sit idle for several days the germs would die… But that takes all the fun out of having money in the first place.

  4. max

    I am imagining you having to take cash from some of your more famous library visitors Woe and it is scaring me.

  5. There is a man at the Breakers in Palm Springs who makes his living washing the coins that come in, so they are always sparkling when they go out. I wish he worked at my house…not that I ever have any money, that is to say.

  6. max

    My maternal grandfather owned a barber shop and my mother said he brought the money home and washed it so he could always give people clean fresh change.

  7. See, this is why I use a credit card most of the time.

  8. Stil, that is hilarious.

    Germs are on money. Some germs live longer than others without a host to feed on. For instance the flu virus, about 3 hours on a doorknob. Hepatitis A can live for 30 days on an inanimate object.

  9. Yeah, it scares me too… I hate dealing with cash at work.

  10. ‘For instance the flu virus, about 3 hours on a doorknob.’

    So when I would spray down the doorknobs with Lysol, I wasn’t being OCD?

    Yay! I am learning SO much from this thread!

  11. max

    Wow doorknobs just got a lot creepier.

  12. You know what? It just struck me how revolting most people who HAVE money are. Do you want to catch those cooties? Stay poor!

  13. I am here to tell you first hand that yes, money does have germs and on top of it, it tastes like sh*t!

  14. max

    This is why you are not supposed to put it in your mouth sassy one.

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