commercials i really hate


You know it is Christmas when the diamond stores attack like velociraptors. Cripes. If I hear “he went to Jared” one more time I may have to cancel cable.


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  1. I had my first “Lutefish” yesterday, you know that your quote “the Lutefish is evil” has become a classic over here. Everyone laugh like hell. Such fun.

    You can’t go anywhere without hearing:

  2. Kym

    Why are some commercials better than the shows and some so bad I feel the need to take a baseball bat to my radio (no tv for me still).

  3. max

    “your quote “the Lutefish is evil” has become a classic over here”

    That is hilarious to me.

    Kym, boycott stores and products that subject us to painful commercials. It is the only way to fight back.

  4. Personally I can’t stand the year round pharma advertisements. But I do get a kick out of their lists of side-effects… “May induce compulsive sex or gambling” is my favorite.

  5. But doesn’t every kiss begin with Kay?

    Or am I not helping here?


  6. Think of all the poor bastards named Jared.

  7. max

    Wow that has got to suck.

  8. Eddie

    I’m surprised Jared and Subway(sponsored by the now less fat Jared) haven’t worked out some sort of cross promotion by now.

  9. Stiletto

    Too bad it’s not “A kiss begins with Jared” – that might help his less fat self get laid.

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