comic day yay!


I now will arbitrarily decree today comic day. Yay!

I have not been feeling well today so have been in bed goofing off on the computer and drinking tea all day. [How decadent.] Also I did not write a damn thing. But fortunately for you I have a stash of favorite comics and this is my most favorite so I am recycling it today.

vitamin stud

[I fist saw that on the martini woman hot doc wife’s site it is funny as hell to me.]


where this is from :
cyanide and happiness at

18 Responses to comic day yay!

  1. aj

    Does this mean you are on the MacBook with no email?

  2. max

    Well I came over to the desk to actually post it and just got your email and am trying to respond but the server is wonky today. The answer was yes though.

  3. max

    ps: I will open icq.

  4. That is one of my favorite comics, too.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. max

    Thanks, you. I will be. More iron time. Sigh.

  6. Here’s my own comic for the day and I hope the laugh makes you feel better.

    I’ve noticed that on the ‘ search engine terms ‘ on my blog I’ve gotten traffic when people used the term ” Anita Blond 2007 ”

    So, I’m Anita, Blonde is ta-da! Max who is linked and has commented…

    Put Anita Blond together?

    Why you’ve got a Porn Star!


  7. I hope you feel better Max. At least you still have your sense of humor! Funny cartoon.

  8. LOVE it. That is high-sterical. (Not you feeling bad, though. That’s just a bummer. Get over it soon.)

  9. max

    Oh Anita. Now I have to call the pun police. And that is not even a pun but they are the only ones I have on speed dial. It is for your own good.

    Thanks, guys. This is largely self induced I burned my throat and now I can have no Diet Coke. Oh the humanity.

  10. NO kidding- people put anita blond into google and came up with my Blog- the problem is Anita Blond is REAL and she DOES do porn.

    I wonder how many frustrated surfers cursed my blog recently? Lots from the looks of it ;-)

  11. max

    Wow a real porn star? That is kind of scary.

    When I put “I Was a Teenage Cheerleader” up on seemaxrun the new and unfortunately sweaty palmed visitors must have been horribly dissappointed.

  12. max

    Oh Anita I just saw your music show on Owl Creek. That so rocks.

  13. Great comic strip. For some reason or another, the purple shirted eye stabber is one of my favorite characters. Should I seek therapy for that? (BTW, I hope you feel better soon.)

  14. this cartoon was funny.
    feel better max.

  15. max

    Thanks, guys. I feel better today.

  16. Thanks for the laugh, although I’m disturbed that the comic reads like one of my recent dates…

  17. max

    It was the coffee. Next time maybe decaf?

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