cod sucker illumination


koi by suhairieSo I am reading —

This old post of mine on a bulletin board on seemaxrun and in it I say something like, Wow, vindictive little cod sucker, ain’t he?

You know I think I first heard that expression as a kid, or read it in some way-too-old-for-me novel, and just sort of picked it up. But it was not until now, reading it right on the heels of watching a film set during Napoleon Bonaparte’s time it actually clicked in my head what that means.


No wonder I got in so much trouble as a kid.

I do not think that means sucking fish.


where the art work comes from :
that is koi in b&w by suhairie

12 Responses to cod sucker illumination

  1. Dan


    I think you’re right…but it would have been one happy little fish!

  2. That is funny, I am picturing little Max saying “cod sucker.”

  3. max

    Oh yeah. Lots of interesting things came out of the mouth of kid max. Kinder people referred to that as being precocious. That is not always what it was called at home.

  4. Dan

    My sister was the mouthy one. I was the quiet, introspective one…the one my mom called “dangerous.”

  5. That’s funny, Max.
    How did that bar of soap taste with that cod?

  6. max

    Soap is for pansies. Real parents beat their kids.

  7. Dan


    To this day, I still can’t see a wooden spoon without flinching.

  8. You know, bringing back the tights and cod-pieces might be a refreshing fashion trend…

    I’m really tired of the grunge look anyway.

  9. When I went to Mass the Priest used to look at me and my friend shake his head and just laugh.

    I still don’t know how to take that.

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  11. HAHAHAHAH! Thanks for the laugh. Oh my!

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