stylish jackets on rack in room

closet 1, max 0

The closet broke me. Okay, really the new closet shelf broke me. How do toggles break? Seriously? That closet shelf is so going back to the manufacturer. Part of the entire reason for buying a really overpriced closet shelf from THAT company was it came with super hardware. That, um, broke.

It is time for storage.

On the bright side, I did haul everything out of the closet and put all the clothes on new felt hangers (felt hangers are the bomb!) and pull the fat pants out to donate or store.

(Okay I would like to think I will never need fat pants again but accidents happen maybe I should hang on to those just in case.)

Closet: One

Max: A Big Fat Zero

Also now I have to spackle holes in the closet wall the dumb breaking non-working toggles left in the wall.

Toggles are a device of the devil.

Your Storage is Forever Adams Girl

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