closed for max mas




*Blog closed for Max’s birthday, see you back here after Tuesday.
*Not doing invites this year, you know who you are, if you should be here, send email for times and locations.


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  1. I’ve read your book and so I know how you feel about getting birthday messages from total strangers. Therefore, I should just say Happy Oriental New Year. This Year of Snake brings Wealth and Change. Isn’t it nice that you are New Year Girl because Oriental New Year always begins in February around this date?

  2. Max

    Happy New Year to you too, thank you. Birthday wishes are great. It’s birthday wishes that are just being given to shoehorn a pitch in there that feel false and wrong. Thanks for posting.

  3. It’s official! Joseph Ratzinger announced today, in time for Max’s birthday, that he is stepping down. The time has come, the world needs a Popess.
    I hereby nominate MAX! All those in favor, please remain seated. UNANIMOUS.
    The soiree will begin at midnight tonight with a toast of holy water; don’t worry vodka will be fine. Those with medicinal ganja on hand are asked to puff a few circles into the night air.
    All Hail! Popess Max, The Magnificent.

  4. Oops.. i’m on someone elses computer. Happy Birthday anyway Max. Brut

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