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She is very… passionate & determined. She ruled Egypt at the age of 18. You are independent, but there are times where others are good to work with. You hate being told what to do. Since you’re used to being the one in charge, you’re the one who gives the orders.

:::what extraordinary woman in history were you:::


newsflash : australian residents will be relieved to know the first dexter disk arrived


where the art work comes from :
that is from outofcontext

where i nabbed this quiz :
i nabbed that quiz at michele’s

21 Responses to cleopatra

  1. Anne Bonny here – not nearly as intriguing as Cleopatra, sigh. You got to wear snakes and jewels, I got men’s clothes.

  2. Dan

    Watch out for snakes, Max.

  3. max

    Oh sure you guys had to bring up the snake. Jeez. Ruler of Egypt, lover of Antonius, sheathed in gold, bathed in lotus blossoms, and everyone remembers the snake.

  4. max

    [that is so wrong]

  5. Kym

    You are

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Married to one of the best poets in history, writing romantic wellknown poems yourself, you are creative, loved, and talented. How lucky are you? Let me count the ways.

  6. Dan

    Sheathed in gold and bathed in lotus blossoms, you say?

    Forget the snake…I’ll be in my bunk.

  7. max

    Jeez those bunks see more action in a week than I see in… wait, not going there, never mind.


  8. Dan

    Haha….poor Max. There’s plenty of room for two….or are you saving yourself for the Hero of Canton?

  9. max

    I am not telling. Fresh!

  10. Dan

    Well…if it’s any consolation, while you’re Cleopatra, I’m NAPOLEON:

    “Power hungry and unpredictable. You like to always be in charge, and you don’t like to listen to other peoples opinions very often. You set incredibly high goals for yourself and often achieve them.”


  11. max

    Oh you made that up that is not on the historical female figures quiz.

  12. Dan

    As you were nice enough to previously point out, I’m a dude.

    And, although I’m flattered you think me capable of drafting such a pithy quiz-like…um…thing, it actually came from

  13. max

    Oh cool a test for the guys.

  14. Dan

    I know. Yay equality!

  15. aj

    Marie Antoinette

    You were most like Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France. You live a tough life, but you still manage to get through with it. You’re a strong, independent woman. You are often blamed with things you had nothing to do with, & people may question you. Ignore them, the only one who knows the real truth is you. Other than being blamed for things you didn’t do, you love to have fun. You only get one life, why not live it. You know that, you live by it. Your life is full of drama, but you don’t let that get you down. Why spend time being upset when that time turns into a waste of your life.

  16. max

    [Blamed for things you did not do? Who charred the rake in the Zen garden and brought down the internet hmm?]

  17. I’m Cleopatra, too. I always suspected I was Egyptian in another life. Or at least I hung out with a lot of handsome Romans.

  18. max

    Either or they are both good.

  19. aj

    Yay for Dexter! You will be singing my praises once you are a few hours into that season.

  20. max

    I wondered if you would catch that.

    It is fun and Michael Hall is way cuter as a serial killer than he is as the anemic gay brother. [Should it worry me I think that? Hmm.]

  21. aj

    It shouldn’t worry you because everyone thinks that. Dark n quirky really suits him.

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