christmas mcr quiz for kitty



handsThere is severe —

Voting frenzy at Kitty’s over who is more sexy Gerard Way or Jared Leto.

Kitty is mad cap MCR fannish so this quiz is for Kitty :

What My Chemical Romance Guy are You?

[Kitty never takes my quizzes so this is one of those evil presents you give someone knowing it will be a moral dillema for them just considering whether to participate.]

[I am like that.]

[Okay I am making it up Kitty does do quizzes but I like to rabble rouse.]

I am Gerard Way. Yay!

Also go see My Whacky Friends.

That is Christmas last and funny as hell to me still.


[vote for gerard on kitty’s poll she just started working out again and cannot take the stress damn it]


where the art work comes from :
that is a screenshot from my chemical romance’s i don’t love you

21 Responses to christmas mcr quiz for kitty

  1. Yay, yay, yay!

    Thanks, Max.

  2. max

    It is not much but Merry Christmas Kitster.

  3. That is a cool present. I love it. Can I keep them?

  4. max

    Only if you take the quiz.

    [cue evil laughter]

  5. I forgot to put my result. I always forget to come back after a quiz.

    It said I’m Gerard Way.

    Who did you get?

  6. max

    Gerard Way.

    [I am so vain, you think I would put the quiz up if I did not get Gerard Way?]

  7. max

    [All right I could lie. Oddly I have never ever lied on one of these quizz results — which does explain why I post a caveat if the result annoys me but I think the quizz is too cool to not post. Oh the stress.]

  8. I didn’t even know such a quiz existed. Hey you rock!

  9. Bob – the drummer it looks like.

  10. Awesome, I got Gerard Way! Whoo hoo!

  11. Um, don’t they sort of look REALLY similar? Isn’t that like deciding if orange red or blue red is a prettier shade?

  12. max

    You know if we were talking hair that would be a really important question.

  13. Not according to my mother. She thinks it’s all the same.

    [She’s a hairdresser, you know].

  14. max

    Wow isn’t it really difficult for your mother to spend that much time being about other people? It seems so unlike her.

  15. Not when it involves money.

    One day I will scan some childhood hair disaster photos.

    Her real calling is henpecking but I don’t think you can get paid for that. Unless you’re a dominatrix.

  16. max

    I think she graduated from henpecking to sadism a while back. A long while back.

    [I swear she and my mother were separated at birth I so recognize the woman in your stories.]

  17. Yeah. After some of the stories you told me I was sort of thinking the same.

  18. max

    It is official. Gerard Way won the big “who is cuter Gerard Way or Jared Leto” debate over at Kitty’s. It was close and Liv may stage a rebellion.

  19. Will there be cake at this rebellion?

  20. “It was close and Liv may stage a rebellion.”

    I’m counting on it. LOL. I wanted to shut down the comments but she was accusing me of cheating (jokingly, but people may not get that) so I had to clear my name and leave a little time for her to respond.

    In the meantime, someone comes in using a proxy server and votes for the loser.

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