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big black bootsChris’s table reading

Which was last week Wednesday but I am just catching up now on last week was —

Excellent. The material is funny and people laughed in all the right places. Yay! Chris and I disagreed on who did the best read but natch I think I am right and I am Max so I am always right — according to me. Chris got excellent notes after. Some from surprise guest Steve Faber who Chris will always listen to more than me because Chris is just like that [it is one of those take things for granted things dumb Chris]. Lee was there all the way from England which is an added bonus. And we went out for drinks after which was somewhat traumatic because I forgot my ID and had to announce certain factors which prove I am above the age of 21 out loud in front of witnesses. But Lee and Chris have promised to mind wipe that incident and know I am not only vengegul but lethal so that is okay and a good time was had by all. Yay!

By the way, the woman who runs these live reads is Julie Gray and you too can have a table read if you are as good as Chris.


*say if you are wondering why chris gets so much attention here right now it is because a, chris got a table read, and b [doy] chris is a member of 5150 and if you were a 5150 workshopper you would know that and get this much attention too but tragically you are not oops



where the art work comes from :
that is hotel paradiso 2 by britcat100

0 Responses to chris’s reading

  1. You are so not 21 yet. Liar.

    Damned good one, apparently if they sold you a drink.


  2. max

    Oh shit –is California 21?
    Where is 18 again?

  3. Yay Chris!

    I love that picture up top.

  4. Glad you had fun and were able to get a drink after, Max! One correction – Julie GRAY not McDowell is who sponsors these table reads :)

  5. 5150 – sounds hot (what’s withe name?) a pity one doesn’t live in LA

  6. max

    Well 5150 is an online workshop you can email me about it.

  7. thanks, max! for attending and writing about it. it was a great first table read for me.

    (and i was listening to you as much as steve — no “backup” guy!)

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