chocolate shoes!



It is chocolate shoes.

How cool is that? Two of my favorite things, chocolate AND shoes?

That so rocks.

You get the chocolate shoes at Gayle’s Chocolates. [Where clearly they have geniuses in research and development way smarter than anyone working at Reeses why didn’t the Reeses people think this up?]



*hey do not question that religion tag either shoes and chocolate are religion you faithless heathens


where i found those chocolate shoes :
those were at michele’s she findest the coolest shoe stuff

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  1. Dan

    If only they had coffee-flavored chocolate cigarettes…then I’d be set.

  2. max

    Oh like they don’t. You are not looking hard enough.

  3. Dan

    Story of my life…

  4. I liked the gold and silver sandals they have too – did you see those?

  5. We used to get candy cigarettes at the corner store- they came in ‘real’ cigarette boxes and everything.

    I think it’s true- I think they stopped making them.

  6. That makes it really convenient for chocoholic foot-fetishists, or so I would imagine.

  7. Kym

    Really, Max, saying Reese’s needs to come up with gimmicks is like saying Da Vinci needed to paint kitschy tole art.

    I’ll bet cute shoe chocolate tastes as nasty as those hollow Easter Bunnies.

  8. Chocolate shoes? I might faint.

  9. What a nifty idea, but can you wear those in the sun?

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