chigger hell



Texas reminds me of Malibu. Every time I turn around, something is trying to eat me. Something spider bit me. I am allergic all the time in just my skin and, oh, eyes! — to just the air.

And now. Something ate hell out of my legs.

Fifty bites? I kid not, I lost count after fifty. And here is the thing. After days, the bites were not fading. So I was all WTF? Seriously? Not fading bites? WTF is up with that?

[I get to curse here btw, Stephen Fry says so.]

I went kind of crazy on this.

I bleached every piece of clothing I ever wore a week of pre-bite.

I bleached the wood on the balcony.

I bleached all the bedding.

I bleached the concrete floors.

I probably went overboard and probably I did not even get bit here but how would I know? It feels like I am getting bit by fire ants most of the time it is not like it would stand out. And there are no more bites. But still. The bites do not leave. Ahhh!



A friend told me maybe they are chigger bites and [holy hell!] chigger bites don’t go away, they just keep going. Under the skin. Living God Damn chiggers. WTF?

Under. The. Skin. [Gack, Alien!]

She also said if you coated the bites with nail polish that would kill them.



I spent the other night coating my battle scars with nail polish. And it seems to actually be working.

I didn’t have any clear polish though, so I used this fantastical shade of orange. It is still fantastical too — on fifty plus chigger attacks.

If you see a woman at Whole Foods with a half bottle of bright orange nail polish slathered on her legs do not make fun dammit.


Your Chiggers Are Hell Adams Girl


3 Responses to chigger hell

  1. You could write a sexy book called Fifty Shades of Fantastical Orange Hell. [But you have to include velvet handcuffs. Or so I’m told.]

  2. Oh man oh man I have been there. Unfriggingbelievable.

    You must have gotten them walking through a field or something like that. You usually don’t notice right away that you’ve been bitten, but as soon as you do, jump in a pool or the tub. I don’t know why this helps, maybe it drowns them.
    And don’t scratch, it only makes them worse. Benadryl spray helps.

  3. Max

    Pooks, funny. Kitty, I don’t know where they got me. I wish I did. I wondered if maybe some of that grass I park next to by the yoga place. Dunno. Need to get Benedryl spray. And some of those allergy eye drops while I am at it. The list of medications required to live in Austin continues to grow. [wry smile]

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