cheap naked sex video with paris and britney



spears_toxicOkay there is —

No cheap sex or naked or video with Paris or Britney I am just tired of stats sinking to below chemistry levels around here on weekends I thought I would spice them up.

For no good reason.

Sorry about that Paris and Britney pervos.


But —

I am a good sport [and hopefully so are you] so here is the Toxic vid just to cheer you up and also to make sure, you know, you do not stake me out and shoot me for false promises or anything.




Just kidding. That video is no longer available.

[i so enjoy torturing strangers]


Love and Kisses,

The Blonde Assassin



0 Responses to cheap naked sex video with paris and britney

  1. max

    That was not a try, that was a score. Fresh!

    [okay not really this has never been a britney or paris type site if i really wanted hits i would add onto the gummy bear and anita porn or bunny suicides and anime corset quotient here but i thought it was funny dammit]

  2. Dan

    Game. Set. Match.

  3. Lol.

    Did anyone get a popcorn hull stuck in throat in that?

  4. Say, have you had mumps, chicken pox or diptheria yet?

  5. brut

    that was not funny ms Adams

  6. max

    I have had mumps and chicken pox.

    Brut that was too funny.

  7. Trolling for stats is an art form, tho’ I do enjoy the Gummy Bear porn wars.

    Sometimes I even miss them.


  8. max

    We have not had a good “that’s your boyfriend” war in an age either. We are so slacking.

  9. I blame it on PEZ deprivation

  10. Chefleur

    Britney is who I get my hot parenting tips from.

  11. Kym

    You know, if you had said Cheap naked sex with Jayne, your hits would be higher. I do them all my self.

  12. max

    Wow that is a way better post.

  13. I clicked on it and was sorely…pleased! Thank you, I thought I’d have to sit through that. Yay!

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