charts graphs and body armor

armorSo the time is set. We are going in. 4 pm max standard time. 10 am aj standard time.

Shiver in your boots Susan.

We are a little roughed up here. AJ is down an ankle, a foot, and a knee. [She got beat up by a geriatric with a book cart. I suspect Little Mom.] I am down a thumb, a shoulder and [cover your eyes if you are male] I have cramps damn it.

We are still going in.


Because we are insane. Doy.

13 Responses to charts graphs and body armor

  1. No way, Jose! I’m not going in…Godspeed, brave souls!

    Hey, you’ve got cramps, too?

  2. max

    Yes. I am hoping to build up a proper amount of pms surliness as a defense and that they do not just leave me wimpering and defenseless for the Susan visit.

  3. I am so there…me an my- well, sunny disposition
    har, har, har
    Anita Marie

  4. Our futures are blank as of this moment. She still hasn’t posted for March.

  5. max

    She won’t till tomorrow. They do not go up till the first.

  6. aj

    That geriatric was beefed up with biceps like watermelons. I swear I saw her on tv running a marathon just the other weekend.

  7. I wonder wish is worse……..Susan posting nothing or posting gloom and doom.

  8. max

    By the way, I totally waxed my legs for Susan Day. In combat, you just have to be pretty going in.

  9. aj

    You just said that to mock me didn’t you?

  10. max

    One of us had to do it, Stumpy.

  11. I am not going in she was all wrong last month.

  12. max

    Well I was late Feb 1 so you ended up in there all on your lonesome. That was very brave.

  13. It sure was. Maybe I will go in tomorrow during chat.

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