celts? seriously?


A friend posted this photo. He is I guess a fan of the team. But I just sat there staring at it.

See. I am am a Celt. Granted, an American Celt. [An Italian friend totally makes fun of Americans for saying they are Italian or Celt or what not.] But that is my heritage. And not one guy in that photo is related to me.

But there they all are. Wearing “Celt” on their chests.

I kind of get suddenly why Native Americans are so pissed off about sports teams calling themselves the Chiefs.

It’s not so much about it being a blight or insult. It’s about taking your heritage and wearing it like it belongs to you when it belongs to someone else.

It’s not about color either. Those guys could all be white. But they aren’t God damned Celts.

Maybe it should be considered complimentary. That someone else thought your heritage was so cool he or she or the team wanted to wear it like a banner.

I do not think that works. That’s my heritage. If you want to wear it, at least put someone who owns it in the photo.

Put a Celt in there or give back the name.


*by the way, wordpress is pissed and i have no idea why so if that photo does not show do not ask me it is basketball players not strippers jeez


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  1. Peter Andrews

    I agree with the point about respect for the heritage of others, but Number 20 (Allen) has a Scottish surname. Many African-Americans are also Celtic-Americans. I have an English surname (all right, it’s usually Scottish), but I’m mostly Celt.

  2. Will

    Celt (selt): an ax of stone or metal without perforations or grooves, for hafting.

    Perhaps these gentlemen are preparing to haft something?

  3. You think Celts is bad, try Redskins. Now that’s insulting.

  4. max

    Yes. Very much so.

  5. And as you know, I say damn to political correctness. But this one gets me.

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