celluloid & crimson


girl on topI look at all these photos —

Of a girl with crimson hair —

I miss that.

I lost the crimson hair when I came to Hollywood.

I was working so hard at being cute little non threatening writer girl.

It worked.

I was so non threatening some guy patted me on the head and said “You must write romantic comedy.”

I want to give him rabies.



where the art work comes from :
that is girl on top by MaleficusV

16 Responses to celluloid & crimson

  1. ” I want to give him rabies” I am borrrowing this for anyone that irritates me next week. I feel armed and powerful.

  2. I’d have sewen his mouth together with dental floss.

    Trick of the trade.


  3. Kym

    I loved your peacock hair the best–when you dyed just the hair at the nape of your neck the faintest shimmer of purple and green and blue like one rare peacock’s feather had found a home.

  4. I miss my shock red hair. Too difficult to maintain.

  5. max

    My aunt used to use dental floss to put her dance costumes together it held where normal thread would not. It is so versatile.

    Kym, thanks. My probably favorite ever collor was this dark dark violet but my hair started falling out using it so I had to stop. Oops.

    Kitty, yeah, red is work, it fades fast, roots look bad, and most reds will not bleach out if you want to change red has to grow out. Not fun. But I still miss it.

  6. max

    [p.s. no gloating from the natural redhead]

  7. “You must write romantic comedy.” – I would want to give him more than rabies, that bastard.

  8. max

    Well I do write romantic comedy. I told him, “Yes, but everyobody dies.” It was a very Wendy Addams moment.

  9. max

    It was a very telling moment. That was my Guild orientation meeting. The “veterans” were condescending assholes.

  10. max

    Michele. We have to work on vocabulary here.

    Phooey is out.

    It is “fuck them and the diesel guzzling fucktard contraptions they rode in on.”

  11. max

    [By the way, it is the overuse of words like “fucktard” that get me thrown off top post on WordPress. Sigh. If only I were a lady.]

  12. “Fucktard” always makes me crack up.

  13. I have never heard of fucktard, lol. I must be under a rock somewhere with people that say “hee.”

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