cats from outer space


scottish foldHave you —

Ever noticed if you smooth a cat’s ears back the cat looks just like all those pictures of little gray people from outer space?


where the art work comes from :
that is untitled by lana

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  1. And have you noticed that when you let go and their ears go back up again they look at you with the same expression Linda Blair had on her face in the Exorcist after her head spins around?

  2. Drew

    Ok, you guys are creepin’ me out.

  3. Kym

    Anita, I’m laughing into my keyboard. I was just thinking that my cat would kill me if I ever treated it like that!

  4. Kym

    I guess you could say I’m pussy whipped;>

  5. max

    Jeez, it is an ear massage, cats love ear massage you are just doing it wrong.

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  7. Anita thanks for making my day.

    Max – Pumpkin is short for “Lunar Space Pumpkin” or LSP because she looks like that 24/7.

  8. You’re welcome Stiletto-

    I’ll fess up Max:

    My vet tried to show me the ear thing for Insanity- to help him relax when his health got bad- and before the vet even got his hand to Insanity’s head Insanity already had that look.

    Plus Insanity started to drool

    So the vet goes, ‘ it works Anita…on NORMAL cats ‘

  9. max

    “On NORMAL cats.”

    That cracks me up.

    Stil, Pumpkin is one cute cat.

  10. Yeah, the little grey aliens from outer space who want to eat us!

  11. max

    Doug, what is this thing you have with aliens who want to eat us? LOL!

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