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the strikes are really really for reals reals over

SAG-AFTRA membership ratified the new contract tonight. That means the 2023 Hollywood strikes are really for reals over now. Not everyone is happy about the new contract. There are still AI holes in the contract. But for better or worse, the SAG-AFTRA contract is ratified. The 2023 strikes are over. There’s a new project in […]


LA TIMES, WGA, studios, reach tentative agreement

146 Days

The WGA and AMPTP have reached a tentative agreement. It took 146 days to get there. And part of me, having seen what Business Affairs can do to an agreement and how much red pen it takes to get a contract to actually resemble what was agreed to verbally, I’m pretty sure it will take more days to hammer out “contract speak” in the actual Minimum Basic Agreement. But. We are there.

Writers have won.

It sounds like a real win too. Not the lackluster win of 2008. A real win in 2023. Yay!


more strike mayhem

  Gee, if the idea — Behind contract negotiations is to split a union in two, the AMPTP has what it wants. The Screen Actors Guild sent out its strike authorization ballot and now there are two growing sides to the controversy over whether to authorize the board to initiate a strike. Big power players […]


sag monday

  It is SAG Monday. This is the day Screen Actor’s Guild [SAG] sends out its strike authorization ballot and announces the strike authorization time table. Actors have been working for half a year without a new contract while SAG tried to negotiate with AMPTP and SAG tried pretty hard but appaently AMPTP is being […]


amptp rides again

  Speaking of Stalin — The AMPTP is now dicking the actors around. [How, um, out of character.] AMPTP Dicks Actors Around. Hopefully SAG [that is the actors’ primary union] can hold steady, but if AMPTP [that is the association of motion picture and television producers which really means the iron clad fist of a […]


letters from the ethos : wednesday's child

  Dear Blonde Assassin — If the rumors are true, and the WGA strike is nearly over, then we should expect a return of pseudo-quality to the airwaves soon. What three current shows would you put at the top of your assassination list? [Personally, I’d axe a few reality shows and anything that gets compared […]


my best birthday present

  Well my best birthday present — Besides the gold, diamonds, and large quantities of cash — The strike is over. Yay!     Every writer in town has been unable to accept writing work since November 5, 2007. And that goes on down the line, if the writers are not working, no one else […]