a few bad apples

    In 1988, the Ayatollah Khomeini put a price on author Salmon Rushdie’s head. Rushdie wasn’t wanted “dead or alive.” Khomeini wanted Rushdie dead. I don’t know what the original price tag was for one dead author, but as of 2013, the price on Rushdie’s head was over 3 million pounds. The Ayatollah is […]


republicans, religion and the triumph of unreason

  “18,000 US citizens die every year needlessly, because they can’t access the care they require. That’s equivalent to six 9/11s, every year, year on year. Yet the Republicans have accused the Democrats who are trying to stop all this death by extending healthcare of being “killers” – and they have successfully managed to put […]



  I have a new follower — On Twitter. Probably to keep an eye on me. I am vocally pro health reform enough it is catching some people’s attention and not all of them are happy with me. This follower falls into the unhappy category. Someone with an entire Twitter page about not passing health […]


funny things my students say

  I have this student — Who has this protagonist who is a teacher at a Catholic school and also tends bar on the side. In my notes I say, I am not sure a religious school will be okay with an instructor tending bar. My student emails me: Well now I know you are […]