a day off

  I am taking a day off here. Everyone stay warm. It is horribly cold in Southern Cal right now. [I can hear the Canadians laughing stop that it IS cold for us.] See you tomorrow. Smooch!   [say while i am mia go look at this photo by kym it is stellar]  


max enters a contest

  The Site : Clicks & Pix The Contest : “Once a month I will be giving away a FREE PHOTOSHOOT. All you have to do is submit an email by the 20th of each month to qualify for the following month [500 words or less] explaining why you feel that you should receive a […]



  So in case — I actually am incapacitated in some way — [Say I am on the road it could happen.] [Also does anyone else wonder sometimes what would happen if they died and their sites just kept posting and posting into the future without them?] [Okay forget I went there.] [Anyway.] I really […]


sexy things : part i : chaovsky

        I have favorite photographers. I always list their credits where I can. Or a website. A link. Some images here I know exactly what I am looking for and go find it. An old famous photograph by a photographer like Irving Penn or Alfred Eisenstaedt. Other times I just go exploring. […]