day of the ninja

  So probably — Everyone knows December fifth is Day of the Ninja right? [You do now.] In honor of Day of the Ninja I took the ninja quiz and that freaking quiz told me :   You are not a Ninja. You are a Man in Black. You are not a Man in Black. […]


tale of the white ninja squirrel

  Stil and I were talking — About the hilarity of this drunken squirrel photo I natch had to swipe off her site [post to come later] because small debauched mammals are amusing to me for no reason I [or my family] can or really want to know — And she told me about the […]


the waiter

  You are the waiter — This is funny as hell to me. Everyone was taking the Nikita Quiz and CriminyJickets comes back with “I am a waiter.” I think it is made up and call him on it and he says, No, those were really the results : Waiter. This creates suspicions maybe an […]


i am so nikita yay!

  You are totally Nikita. [Yay! Yay! Yay!] Okay the quiz was not really that excited about it. I was though. The last assassin quiz I took I ended up Leon aka Jean Reno from The Professional and Leon is not a pretty girl and is a really bad dresser and also is kind of […]


use the radioactive ooze!

In college, I could not sneak out for a smoke or sleep through the anthropology classes. Betil was a forensic anthropologist and a respected primatologist and very very smart and very very strict. You showed up, you turned off the recorders, and you shut up, listened and learned. Well mostly. Okay that is not my […]


ninja trouble

Just in case anyone at risk is wondering. [Cough cough AJ! cough cough.] Two more Supernatural disks are showing from Netflix today. If there is no Mr. Morgan on these disks — There will be ninja trouble.