We Have Office! And Floor!

the great box struggle

Each time I move, I face the same struggle. The boxes. Me: They are great boxes! Also Me: Recycle them. Me: The packing material was expensive! Also Me: Recycle it. Me: But but but but but — Also Me: We’re not paying for storage for a year to save moving boxes and packing material. Me: […]


Moving Day

move day!

Move day is tomorrow. Moves are NOT feng shui. I’m going to miss these windows. The new place has pretty windows too though. I will show you after I get up and running there. Also half my damn move is file boxes. Lots and lots and lots of files. Urk. It is time to roll […]


too many projects!

The shoe cupboard came. It is fancy and nice and I was calling it my birthday present because it allegedly was not going to arrive until February, (Max Mas, yay!), but it came early. Pretty, right? Yay! No more shoes in the entry hall! Also it better be pretty. It took four hours to assemble. […]


grayscale photo of books

the great book war

I have books. Many many books. Not as many books as I used to have. I used to have 1,000 pounds of books. I know this because I paid to move 1,000 pounds of books one time. That was a lot of moves ago. It is surprising how many books you at one time thought […]


marilyn vs rothko

Art. It is a dilemma. The art is always fighting with feng shui too. The Marilyn and Rothko fight is about that. There is this spot of wall between two windows that is perfect for one big piece of art. The Marilyn piece would be perfect in that spot. So would the Rothko piece though. […]


overhead shot of shredded papers in a bowl

I need a wood chipper

Why, you ask, would I need a wood chipper? Shredding! Sweet Mother Mary! Shredding took forever. The little shredder can do 12 pages at a time, but I had 15 years to shred. A friend asked why I had all those documents and it’s because I’m not just a person, I’m a business, so it’s […]


new city, new life

I’m in a new city. Packed up everything parts Austin end of December and moved to San Antonio. I think about just how lucky I am. I can do that. Just pack up and go. I could move to the moon if there were internet on the moon. I love the new place. It is […]


black chair beside green palm plant

saving the desk chair, again!

Wow, I have been a bad blogger. I have not posted in forever. Ahhh! Sorry about that. I should update you on the upcoming :::September 2018 Classes::: Hit that link. Doy. In other news, I destroyed the desk chair again. This is the result of working too many hours in a chair just basically destroying […]



Things done today: Reviewed 8 student assignments. Reviewed 1 writing sample. Read 3 feature scripts. Set up office. Yay yay yay! Yeah yeah yeah I know it is ridiculous it took THAT LONG to set up the office, but I have been really busy and also there was that getting injured thing that made standing […]