max adams

oyez we have the bear ears

  I promised you guys the bear ears.     I know — No lights, problem focus, shooting on an iPhone, and we did not exactly have Conrad Hall on call there but — Bear Ears! Yay!   *Lost? Confused? Not idea about the bear ears? :::catch up::: *Also, go listen to :::sister cristina::: you […]


the face

  A friend was reading the recent Max interview and said, That’s great, but when are you doing something live so I can see your face? No live interviews any time soon but here is the face.     Also, here is a dog in goggles for the less easily entertained.      


maxmas, yay!

  3 weeks till MaxMas!   Yay! Where?  Austin Texas When?  February 12 What Time?  12:01 AM until closing [we use the term “closing” loosely] How should you celebrate MaxMas?  Oh let us count the ways… wait, we do not want to overwhelm you, let’s do a top five:   TOP FIVE WAYS TO CELEBRATE […]


the max action figure

  Okay I am actually not that badass BUT! The Max Pop Queen Paper Doll! Yay!     *PS: The Fine Print: The Max Pop Queen Paper Doll comes with her own chocolate, booze and cigarettes. Yes, we know. You’re welcome. PPS: I actually might be that badass but I can’t blow my cover. Settle […]