marketing genius!

    According to my inbox, men are interested in: •Hot Asian chicks •Hot Russian chicks •Hot Filipino chicks AND MONSTROUSLY LARGER PENISES!     I cannot be Russian, Filipino, or Asian, but — GENIUS! I can totally sell larger penises.     All you have to put in the box is a magnifying glass […]


"nice guys" finish last

  The article I’m about to point you to, 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person, really needs to be circulated, and circulated widely, for the benefit of men.  I say “for men” because most women don’t actually need to hear it.  Women, in general, have known for centuries you need to […]


there is a knock on the door

  There is a knock on the door. It is the balcony door and the balcony is several feet off the ground and also barricaded so not a normal entrance way. I open the door. It is the squirrel.   I think maybe I’m not ready to get quite this close to the squirrel so […]


love and the big yellow dog

  There is a woman — Who walks a big yellow dog past my place. She always wears a nice dress and shoes. She is always quiet and frowning a little. Tonight she and her yellow dog went by with a nice man. You could tell he was nice because he had a good smile […]