ghost stories

charlie & george

I went to a building event tonight. It was an outdoor movie on the amenities deck. It was the new Top Gun movie. It was fun. Also Tom Cruise has totally stopped aging. I don’t know how. I so want to talk to his dermatologist. I don’t usually mention ghosts to other people here. Not […]


my new ghost

I have a new ghost. I figured out something was up when right after I moved in the elevator told me the building was on fire [it wasn’t] take the stairs [I didn’t] and then the doors in the trash bay loading dock locked me out on the loading dock. You could say these were […]


the dog spirit

      When Loke passed, I was crazed with grief. Literally. He had not been well. And the day he died, I had gone to town, to a store to pick up water and supplies and I was [irony] on the dog toy aisle in that store looking for something for him when I […]


the scary house : part i

  There used to be — This scary house. It was the house all the adults told you not to play around because the structure might be weak and you could fall through a floor and never get out. It was the kind of house kids would tell each other stories about. Stories about people […]


continental desk drift

  So my desk keeps moving. By itself. This is really annoying. I am very big on the placement of objects and my desk is perfectly square to the wall beside it and the glass doors behind it and it keeps going kitty cornered. Not huge moves. But a couple inches. And I keep putting […]


nobody does it like kolchak

  For people who have missed Kolchak or just do not have scifi channel so they can catch Kolchak [dark glance at Kym] or maybe who just are feeling lonely for Kolchak [it could happen] a return to Carl Kolchak yay!   [youtube=]   *that is the pilot opening for ripper, kolchak so rocks