haggis be damned

  So Pooks sent me this link — Date a Hot Scot. You vote for the sexiest Scot [which to me means sexiest kilt] and are entered to win a free trip to Scotland. Ooh la la, cute guys in kilts and a free trip to Scotland. It does not get better than that. Natch […]


bring on the fries

  So Sunday is my birthday. I do the Max thing. I tell people on Thursday that Sunday is the big night and where I will be. My birthday celebrations are generally an eclectic gathering of who can get free or is free with three days notice. The invites always say rsvp. People never rsvp. […]


dog year dog rules

  The party was fun. Dog wore Mardis Gras beads and a shirt that on the back said “My Year My Rules” — and had this giant chicken piñata [sp?] he wrestled, and I am going to pretend there are absolutely no connotations to a man wrestling an enormous papier maché chicken outside of send […]


year of the dog

    I am getting worried about this blog — It seems to be all about snails. And, natch, I found ANOTHER SNAIL. I swear there is a snail bunker in this planter. This snail went to live by Mail & More. Mail & More’s greenery is nicer than the Rite Aid greenery so maybe […]


meme what?

  Okay Pooks has been — Explaining memes to me. [Yipes.] So, um, here I am playing well with others doing a freaking “meme.” [I do not really have to send this to anyone do I? To me this looks like an advanced version of email chain mail and those are annoying as hell but […]