feng shui

the i ching advises cosmetic surgery

  One time I asked the I Ching — If breast augmentation was a good idea. The I Ching said [I paraphrase] Go for it Babe, anything that makes you feel better about yourself is a good thing. I. Was. Appalled. I was expecting reason from the I Ching. Like, you know, someone or something […]



So I pick up this script today — And one page in know. It is one of my students. I call Greg. I say, There is a problem with one of these scripts. Greg says, Do not read it, just give it back. And I do. Here is the cool thing though. This was a […]


the seagull

  Nine seagulls — Just showed up and did an aerial dance outside my window. Now they are doing fly bys in formation. It used to be I had one seagull visitor regularly about this time of morning. He brought friends today. It is funny to me to have seagulls in Downtown Hollywood.   where […]


just for pooks

  This is just for Pooks because I know it will make her crazy and I sort of like making Pooks crazy… The other day, I was talking to someone about desks. Someone who needed it explained you do not burry a zen sand garden under a stack of papers. I stepped away from my […]


super hero mark

  Okay super hero Mark is — Coming to help me hang more stuff and also, he has all the hardware to do it. This is kind of shocking to me I do not even know how to pronounce this stuff, fear being mocked in a hardware store trying to ask for it, and have […]