fairy tales

table for two

When I was totally underaged — And lying like crazy about that to get and keep jobs I worked in this hotel restaurant. It was not upscale. It was not downscale. Kind of middle scale — not the breakfast place, not the tux place, just the in-between place. Which was good for me. People ask […]


the moon fairy tale

    A king asked his young daughter what she would like for a present. And she said she loved the moon, she would like that. And the king asked, How big do you think the moon is? And she said, It is just the size of my thumbnail when I hold it up to […]


feng shui and the iron horse

  There is a feng shui story — About Chinese workers on the US railroad when the rail road was first being built to stretch across the United States. Culturally, Chinese people are pretty up on feng shui, and when Chinese workers were hired to work on a railroad splitting the United States in two, […]


the kindness of strangers

  I am out — On my balcony last night having a smoke. It is pretty late, the bars are closing up and things are quieting down. This girl comes down the path. She is dressed real pretty, in a skirt with sequins on it that flutter under the pale street light. She has long […]